Happy to bring the Assassin’s creed odyssey season pass code generator for the game lovers. Though we know that you do not want to download the generator for obtaining the code. We will explain more about it, but before that let’s understand what this content contains and information on it.

This content is expensive which cost exactly $39.99 dollars at major retailers. This pack will make exploring odyssey more fun and amazing. Each major story arcs contain three episodes that would make the game more thrilling. Rated as mature 17+ just like the game. That does not matter. Because players who own the game only look for its season pass content. So far the 2 stories are revealed by the developers. First one is the hidden blade and second journey to Atlantis. We can expect more details about the stories soon.

How to Download Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass Code

You are here to download the assassin’s creed odyssey season pass code by not spending the 39.99 dollars. But we cannot spoon feed you with the method. Follow our steps for downloading content easily. Codes are placed in the online generator by using our special anti leaking algorithm. Therefore, spammers stay away from us. Because this is designed to block the spammers. If you don’t overdo it, no worries about the ban. Keep care of doing each step.

Once you reach on the generator, pick the desired platform. Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC are the available platforms. In the wake of obtaining the code, read the tutorial given beneath. Xbox one customers can use their console itself to do the season pass activation. Redeem option found on the home page will do the download once you have input the fresh assassin’s creed odyssey season pass code. We are not exaggerating on the redemption since simple instruction given here is enough.

Instruction on Downloading the Content

Now let’s have a look at downloading this content on PC. For that, you need to have a steam client, else you can’t activate the season pass. So install it and invent “Activate a Product” option to activate the assassin’s creed odyssey season pass steam key. Your download will start once the steam process has finished from their end.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass Code

PlayStation is very similar to the Xbox One, yet there is still some difference. Though you can invent redeem code option from the home page itself as you followed for Xbox one. After finding the option, tap it to enter the assassin’s creed odyssey season pass code for downloading season pass.

Hope you are satisfied with the tutorial on assassin’s creed odyssey as well as the code you received. If you would like to share feedback and also requesting new games and content, then please do email us to [email protected] We will be considering all requests from our beloved customers. If you love our article, please do share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc which will increase our reach. And that is the only favors you can return us for publishing this tutorial.

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